Fairness Policy

We operate a simple mantra. If our customers, employees or we aren’t all happy at the same time, then something isn’t working properly.

We treat everyone fairly and ask that everyone treats us the same.

In essence we treat your premises, possessions, requests and you with respect. We expect you to treat our staff, ourselves and our service with the same level of respect.

Therefore this means we do our best to provide a quality service, at affordable prices, in a timely manner.

We invest in training, pay our staff above the normal rates (including holiday pay) and always seek to improve in what we do.

We ask that you communicate your positive and negative feedback so that we can prove our capability, adapt to your wishes yet maintain a sense of balance and build a relationship based on openness, honesty and trust.

We do our best to perform to the high standards we set for ourselves and each other. We agree sensible levels of activity within achievable times.

From time to time we understand that your needs change and we do our best to accommodate them as long as you understand that means we can’t do everything all at the same time.

Compromise is practiced by us everyday, with tasks, time and people.

If we are spending time doing things unexpectedly (like unplanned tidying up) then we can’t do other planned tasks. If we are doing extra requests then other routine or rotational tasks have to be sacrificed.

We leave the choice to you or take a measured view if no choices are taken.

We expect that your premises are accessible when we arrive, your requests are communicated easily and that you pay us on time.

When all of these experiences are working, there is a sense of ‘flow’, where friction disappears, smiles are normal and everything feels ‘right’.

When this is happening, then everyone is happy.

Of course we appreciate that everything may not be forever and circumstances change. So, if they do, and you need to cancel or terminate our services for any reason, we trust that you will honest with us, not give us confusing reasons and allow us to move on with dignity.

This will enable us both to come back together at some point in the future.