Ironing Price List & Services
Item Description
Price Per Item
Child (5 to 12 years)
Small Child (Up to 4 years)
Shirt (dress)

Sheet / Duvet / Valance
King / Super
Pillow Cases
Table Cloths
Napkins / Handkerchiefs
Minimum Service Value
Service Completion
2 Workdays (Monday - Friday)
Collection /
Over £15.00
FREE of charge
1st & 2nd Service
£1.50 Each Direction
e.g. =  £3.00
to collect & deliver
3rd Service
(and after)
of charge
Office Hours
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
For collection or
drop-off to you
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Payment Terms
Upon completion. Cash or cheque only (with guarantee card). Cheque made payable to “Clean and Simple”.
Carpet Cleaning
Minimum Charge
Price Per Room
(Up to 12’ x 12’)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What constitutes a good cleaning service?


To help you make your decision about whether or not to use Clean and Simple, this checklist explains the things that any reputable cleaner or cleaning company must have in place.  


(Of course, we tick all the right boxes!)


1] The most important feature is that you need to know that your cleaner has been vetted. If you are going to employ a local cleaner you must ensure that you know who they are and that you can trust them!  


Clean & Simple has been thoroughly vetted and is highly recommended by our clients - see testimonials


2] Is the cleaner insured if they have an accident in your home? Is the cleaner insured if they break something of yours? Are they and their company fully insured? If not, you might need to be!  


Clean & Simple is fully insured. You can contact us for details of our policies, if you wish.


3] Who will pay the cleaner's national insurance and holiday pay? Unless they are employed by a company full time, it could be you!  


Clean & Simple staff are all lawfully employed by us. We pay their national insurance contributions and holiday pay too.


4]Can they clean? Will they clean? What happens if they do not provide the quality cleaning that you expect? Training is vital. Cleaning done professionally to a good method is usually quicker and thorough, saving you time and money and enhancing the experience.  


Clean & Simple train our staff well when they join, and we provide ongoing training too. We employ the most up to date and effective methods of cleaning. This saves you time and  money, and makes it easier for our staff to do the best possible job, with ease.

5] What type of vacuum cleaners do they use? If they do not use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners they will just be re-circulating dust and dirt (and may be other customers' dust and dirt) around your home.  


Clean & Simple use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.


6] Do they have a secure and insured key holding service? This may be important to you. If you lead a busy life, on top of your other work and family committments should you really have to sit at home just to watch the cleaners do their work?  


Clean & Simple operate a completely trustworthy and secure key holding service.


7] Are the cleaners flexible? You may find that your working schedule changes, your requirements change (you might need extra ironing or you have booked a holiday, etc). You want the service to match your needs. A flexible cleaning service that is tailor-made to suit your cleaning requirements.  


Clean & Simple employs enough professional cleaners to ensure that we can accommodate any reasonable requirements from our customers.


8] What kinds of cleaning products is a cleaner introducing into your home? Do you have children and pets you need to worry about? Your home should be cleaned with environmentally-friendly products.  


Clean & Simple use products which have been approved as safe yet effective. If you require us to use any specific products when cleaning your home of office, please speak to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. (We are required by law to use only products which have been classified as appropriate for the task.)


9] If it doesn’t work out, can you complain? Would you complain? Many companies offer a satisfaction guarantee and have somebody, other than the cleaner, that you can discuss the matter with.


Please see our Fairness Policy and Terms & Conditions on this website, however, if for any reason we do any work which is not satisfactory, we WANT you to complain to us.


As the old saying goes, “If you aren’t completely happy, tell us... If you are completely happy, tell your friends!”


10] You can always tell a professional cleaning company that you will get good customer service from; they answer the phone during office hours!  


Please give us a call and see!


If you have any further questions, please read on...


So, why should I use Clean and Simple?


Clean and Simple provide a highly professional cleaning service for your home or office. This gives you more free time to do the things you enjoy, or work in a more uplifting environment.


A fully insured, fully trained, two person Clean and Simple team will clean your home or office to both your standards and to our standards too.


Our teams arrive in distinctive Clean and Simple cars.


For your convenience, apart from water, of course, we will bring all of the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies required.


Prior to working with you, we will normally carry out a free in-home estimate so you can tell us exactly what you want us to do.


Here’s what we do:


Floors: Wash and/or vacuum throughout

Kitchen: Clean work surfaces, dust and wipe appliances, wipe clean cupboard fronts and wash floors.

Bathrooms: Thoroughly clean sinks, baths, toilets and wipe counters.


All rooms: Clean and dust skirting boards, pictures, lampshades, knick-knacks, window sills, furniture, and light fittings, and vacuum throughout.


Carpet Cleaning: Thoroughly clean carpets.


Ironing: We will iron or press all items included in the above price list, with special items (such as heavy curtains) quoted for separately.


What happens if I am not satisfied?


Our work is guaranteed 100% of the time.


If any of our teams do not do a satisfactory job, then we will make sure that that specific team will immediately

re-clean the area in question, or re-do the ironing etc.


If you prefer to use a different Clean and Simple team, we will have another of our teams re-clean the unsatisfactory area as soon as possible.


We will of course reimburse you the full price you have paid.


Beyond that, we will find out why this happened, and take corrective action to ensure that the same mistakes do

not happen again.


(Please see our Fairness Policy and Terms & Conditions).


Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?


Yes. Apart from water, of course, we bring our all own cleaning equipment and supplies to clean your home.


All our cleaning supplies are approved to ensure they don’t harm our staff but are strong enough to clean your home.


If you have any special requirements regarding the cleaning products we use in your home, please contact us and we will do all we can to accommodate your wishes.


How long has Clean and Simple been cleaning homes and offices?


Clean and Simple has been cleaning homes and offices since 2004. You may like to know that whilst in the domestic and offices cleaning industry, a cleaning professional will normally work as such for about 13 weeks on average, all of our staff (apart from new joiners) have been with Clean and Simple for between 1 and 5 years.


What happens if the team that cleans my home is sick, injured or on holiday?


In the case of holidays, we make sure that alternative arrangements are made in good time so that another team takes over the work of your team.


In the case of sudden injury or sickness preventing your team from being able to work, we have enough staff to make it unlikely that the work would not be carried out as scheduled by a substitute team.


However, if such an unlikely event were to happen then we would respond accordingly by providing a substitute team asap.


Please note that this team would normally arrive at the scheduled time but if that is not possible, they will do the work at another mutually agreed time.


What happens if you are injured while cleaning my home or office?


Our staff are very rarely injured, but it can happen. However, staff can really only be injured as a result of the following possible but highly unlikely, (we hope) scenarios:


  1. An unavoidable accident takes place, and no one is to blame.
  2. An avoidable accident takes place, and you, your representative(s) or our staff did something, or neglected to do something, which caused the accident.
  3. A malicious act takes place affecting our staff, carried out either by you or your representatives or some other unconnected third party.

Taking the third and second points first, we appreciate that these scenarios are extremely unlikely, but if the individual(s) injured in your home are hurt as a result of some negligence or misconduct on your part, or perhaps by some assailant (such as a burglar) then of course if it is a civil matter we would claim on your insurance, or that of the culpable party, or in the case of a crime, we would go through the normal legal channels.


We anticipate that most of the (few) cases of members of our staff being injured would fit in category [1] above ~ in which case we are fully insured, and we would assist the staff member to make any appropriate claim through our own insurance. (Please contact us for details of our insurance policies, if you wish).


Are you an insured key holder?


Yes. We always make sure that we have up to date and fully comprehensive insurance.


Please feel free to contact us to obtain the details of our policies or to ask us to explain our procedures in relation to what would happen if something in your home is damaged, misplaced or goes missing.

Domestic & Office Cleaning
Price Per Hour
(Please Note: We charge for a minimum of 2 hours)